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Founded in 2016 Athena Market Access Solutions specialises in providing pricing and reimbursement related solutions to organisations in the life sciences industry.

The company is run by Maximilian Lebmeier who has over a decade experience in Global, European and UK/Irish market access roles in the pharmaceutical industry. He has worked on over 130 health technology assessments (HTAs) in a wide range of disease areas including rheumatology, dermatology, cardiology, hepatology, transplantation, infectious diseases, and oncology.Besides of his company duties he has worked intensively with industry associations on market access and HTA related activities.

Athena's services stretch throughout the lifecycle of a product from payer and reimbursement input into clinical development, early health economics and outcomes research and pricing activities alongside clinical trials and regulatory processes, the preparation of reimbursement submissions, the navigation of pricing and reimbursement procedures, input into clinical guidelines, market access and competitive pipeline and portfolio reviews, training and strategic consultancy.

Athena Market Access Solutions Ltd. is co-organiser of the ‘Kendal Collaboration’, a group of small businesses and independent professionals with expertise in all aspects of health economics and outcomes research.

Athena's customers include biotechnology companies, pharmaceutical companies, as well as a consultancies.

Athena Market Access Solutions is now a certified facilitator for NICE's Medtech Early Technical Assessment (META) Tool.
‐The META Tool is a platform developed by NICE to help medical technology product developers understand what evidence is needed to make a convincing case to payers and commissioners for their technology and to optimise their development plans.
‐The META Tool process has 3 key steps
1.Completion of an online form (synopsis)
2.A meeting with a trained facilitator
3.Receipt of a META Tool report
‐The process is flexible but usually takes about 4 weeks.

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