Our UK Delegations

Click the links below to view directories of present and past UK Delegations led by BioPartner. Directories include a short profile of each attending company and information about the event, including UK programme.

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BIO-Europe 2019
Bio-Europe 2019, Hamburg.

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BIO Convention 2019
BIO Convention 2019, Philadelphia

Biotech Showcase 2019
Biotech Showcase 2019, San Francisco

BIO-Europe 2018
BIO-Europe 2018, Copenhagen

UK delegation photo gallery: http://www.biopartner.co.uk/gallery/BEU18/
BioJapan 2018
BioJapan 2018, Yokohama

Biospain 2018
Biospain 2018, Seville

ChinaBio 2018

Bio-Europe Spring 2018

UK delegation photo gallery: http://www.biopartner.co.uk/gallery/BES18/
Biiotech Showcase 2018
Biotech Showcase 2018, San Francisco

Bio-Europe 2017

UK delegation photo gallery: http://www.biopartner.co.uk/gallery/BEU17/
BioJapan 2017
BioJapan 2017, Yokohama

Bio-Europe Spring 2017

UK delegation photo gallery: http://biopartner.co.uk/gallery/BES17/
Biotech Showcase 2017
Biotech Showcase 2017, San Francisco

Bio-Europe 2016

UK delegation photo gallery: http://www.biopartner.co.uk/gallery/BEU16/
BioSpain 2016

Biotech Showcase 2016
Biotech Showcase 2016, San Francisco

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Bio-Europe 2015

Biotech Showcase 2015
Biotech Showcase 2015, San Francisco

Bio-Europe 2014
Bio-Europe 2014, Frankfurt

Biospain 2014
Biospain 2014, Santiago de Compostela

Biotech Showcase 2014
Biotech Showcase 2014, San Francisco
BIO-Europe 2013

Biotech Showcase 2013
Biotech Showcase 2013, San Francisco

Biospain 2012
BIO-Europe 2011
BIO-Europe 2011, Düsseldorf

BIO-Europe 2011

Biospain 2010
Biospain 2010, Pamplona

BIO-Europe 2009

Whether you are purchasing exhibition space yourself, or want us to promote your company whilst you attend partnering meetings and presentations, join a UK Delegation to save money and increase your presence at the conference. You don't have to be an exhibitor to join.

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Sachs: 19th Annual Biotech in Europe Forum

Cell and Gene Meeting On The Mesa

9th Central European Life Science Investment Conference

World Vaccine Congress Europe

BIO-Europe 2019

Dutch Life Sciences Conference

Biotech Showcase 2020

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