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SYGNIS and Expedeon share a vision of innovation and service by providing cutting edge, patented genomics and proteomics tools to the scientific community. By joining SYGNIS's genomic R&D expertise with Expedeon's proteomic tools and consumables Expedeon will be able to offer a wide variety of innovative products across workflows covering single cell genomics, large scale proteomics and everything in between.

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News Archives

05/03/2018   Innova Biosciences now a part of Expedeon...more
21/02/2018   Innova: SYGNIS AG extends OEM agreement with leading global research tools provider...more
16/02/2018   SYGNIS announces extended manufacturing capability for Innova Lightning-Link technology...more
16/01/2018   Innova Biosciences: SYGNIS AG Expands Production Capability for Lightning-Link Technology...more

28/11/2017   Innova Bioscience: SYGNIS AG signs supply agreement with US Biological...more
25/10/2017   Innova Bioscience: SYGNIS AG announces Universal Lateral Flow Assay Kit launch...more
18/10/2017   SYGNIS AG completes relocation and expansion of its Innova Biosciences unit...more
27/06/2017   Bioconjugation specialist Innova Biosciences acquired by SYGNIS AG...more
13/06/2017   TTP plc and Innova Biosciences extend point-of-care diagnostics partnership...more
03/05/2017   Innova Biosciences adds Alexa Fluor® 488 to Lightning-Link® range...more
02/05/2017   See the new Innova Biosciences newsletter...more
05/04/2017   Innova Biosciences Introduces Biotin Check&Go! Kit...more
13/03/2017   Innova Biosciences initiates monthly charity donation program...more
21/02/2017   Innova Biosciences Introduces Magnetic Conjugation Kit...more
10/01/2017   Innova Biosciences introduces Conjugate Check&Go! Kit...more

25/07/2016   Innova Biosciences Introduces InnovaCoat® GOLD Carboxyl Nanoparticles...more
15/02/2016   Innova Biosciences Expands UK Facility & Increases Laboratory Space...more
15/02/2016   Innova Biosciences Introduces New LATEX One-Step Conjugation Kits...more
01/02/2016   Innova Biosciences appoints Prof Steve Howell to Board of Directors...more
18/01/2016   Innova Biosciences Introduces Thunder-Link® PLUS...more

16/11/2015   Innova Biosciences Installs Colloidal Gold Bulk Production Capability...more
19/10/2015   Innova Biosciences Introduces Range of Conjugated Antibodies...more
27/07/2015   Innova Biosciences and Mologic Sign Supply and Licensing Agreement...more

28/08/2014   Innova Biosciences announces the commercial launch of InnovaGOLD Nanoparticles...more
20/02/2014   Innova Biosciences Lightning-Link® kits facilitate multi-colour flow cytometry...more
16/01/2014   Innova Biosciences and TGR BioSciences Announce Co-Marketing Agreement...more

12/11/2013   Innova Biosciences Ltd achieves InnovaCoat® key scale-up target...more
27/08/2013   Innova Biosciences Develops Site-Specific Bioconjugation Technology...more
22/07/2013   VolitionRx to use Innova Biosciences´ Biotin Technology...more
29/04/2013   Innova Biosciences Lightning-Link® In-licensing Deal with ImmunoReagents...more
19/02/2013   Innova Biosciences Develops Technology to Increase Sensitivity of Diagnostic Tests...more
14/01/2013   Innova Biosciences achieves ISO 9001:2008 certification...more

04/12/2012   Innova Biosciences announce two new Executive appointments...more
25/09/2012   Innova Biosciences signs out-licensing deal with StressMarq Biosciences...more
04/09/2012   Innova Biosciences Recruits International Licensing Manager...more

14/05/2011   Innova Biosciences Secures TSB Grant...more
15/02/2011   Innova Biosciences Launches Unique Covalent Gold Nanoparticle Conjugation Kit...more
15/08/2011   Innova Biosciences Launches Next Generation Antibody Labeling Kit...more

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