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15/05/2018   OFX asks: Can the pound bounce back?...more
11/05/2018   OFX reports Sterling wobble following Bank of England inflation report...more
08/05/2018   Karma Oncology joins the BioPartner programme...more
27/04/2018   UK has ratified the Unified Patent Court Agreement (UPCA)...more
20/04/2018   Oncimmune joins the BioPartner programme...more
11/04/2018   Curileum Discovery joins the BioPartner programme...more
22/03/2018   Intract Pharma joins the BioPartner programme...more
20/03/2018   OFX reports UK-EU Brexit agreement positive for GBP...more
09/03/2018   Conversis joins the BioPartner programme...more

Partner Newsletters

Arcinova Quarterly Newsletter...more
Bionow Newsletter...more
EU-Japan Centre Newsletter...more
MediWales Monthly Update...more
OFX's Currency Review...more
One Nucleus ON Highlights ...more
Scottish Enterprise...more
Welsh Government Life Sciences Sector News...more
UK BioIndustry Association blog...more
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Members News

18/05/2018   Datatrial to attend BIO 2018 for the first time!...more

16/05/2018   Cello Health exhibiting at BIO 2018...more

16/05/2018   Xenogesis announces BioAscent alliance for integrated services...more

14/05/2018   BIA calls for new fund structure for biotech investment...more

14/05/2018   Oncimmune Launches EarlyCDT®-Liver Test in the US...more

14/05/2018   J A Kemp Expands in Cambridge...more

14/05/2018   Oxford Genetics Announces New Online Customer Portal...more

11/05/2018   Embassy Freight reports summer IMCO restrictions in Russia and China...more

11/05/2018   Arcinova increases GC-MS/MS capabilities with new system...more

11/05/2018   Censo Biotechnologies present poster at CRUK Brain Tumour Conference...more

11/05/2018   Arcinova hosts NEPIC Pharmaceutical Conference 2018...more

09/05/2018   SYGNIS/Expedeon completes acquisition of TGR Biosciences...more

09/05/2018   Astex's Harren Jhoti Made Fellow of the Royal Society...more

08/05/2018   Cyto-Mine recasts Sphere Fluidics as cell analysis leader...more

08/05/2018   Horizon Discovery appoints Terry Pizzie as Chief Executive Officer...more

08/05/2018   Sphere Fluidics Wins renewed Investors in People Accreditation...more

08/05/2018   Sareum reports Sierra Oncology SRA737 Phase 2 Trial Update...more

08/05/2018   SYGNIS/Expedeon introduces 2view unique Western blot detection technology...more

04/05/2018   UK Bioindustry Association and Royal College of Physicians collaboration...more

04/05/2018   Sphere Fluidics Logo Awarded New Registered Trademark in Japan...more

03/05/2018   Synpromics Awarded £1.9m Grant from Scottish Enterprise...more

03/05/2018   Noxopharm announces start of DARRT-1 clinical study conducted by Clinical Accelerator...more

30/04/2018   Lucy Robertshaw to chair presentations at Anglonordic Life Science conference...more

30/04/2018   Domainex ranked as the fastest growing drug discovery CRO in Europe...more

30/04/2018   Glythera appoints Professor Kerry Chester to SAB...more

27/04/2018   Colibri Scientific collaborates with Matrix Healthcare Solutions...more

26/04/2018   Software house Datatrial jumps into new markets with Nucleus...more

25/04/2018   New High Containment Packaging Facility at Ireland Site for PCI...more

24/04/2018   Sphere Fluidics Reaches Top 20 of IP League Table rankings...more

24/04/2018   Arcinova strengthens leadership team with new appointment...more

24/04/2018   Sareum Notes that Sierra Oncology will Present SRA737 Preclinical Activity at AACR 2018...more

24/04/2018   LucyJRobertshaw launches Nordic delegation to BIO-Europe 2018...more

23/04/2018   Cello Health White Paper: Disruptive Innovation in Rare Disease Markets...more

21/04/2018   Synpromics to hold Scientific Symposium at AASGCT Meeting...more

24/04/2018   Somerset Therapeutics Advised by Torreya on Acquisition by Endo...more

19/04/2018   Illingworth Research Wore a Hat for Brain Tumour Research...more

18/04/2018   Datatrial will be attending the Bionow Precision Medicine Conference...more

17/04/2018   Censo Biotechnologies will present a poster at ELRIGRI18...more

17/04/2018   Arcinova announce £1.5 million Innovate UK grant award...more

17/04/2018   Replicor presents long-term data from study conducted by Clinical Accelerator...more

17/04/2018   Aptus Clinical is part of Multi-Million Manchester Healthcare Investment...more

16/04/2018   Abzena Group Pre-Close Period Trading Update shows encouraging growth...more

13/04/2018   Sphere Fluidics Finalist in Top 100 European Start-Ups contests...more

12/04/2018   Horizon Discovery enters into partnership with Pirbright Institute...more

12/04/2018   Arcinova collaborates with NEPIC Pharmaceutical conference...more

12/04/2018   Chiltern publishes gender pay gap report...more

11/04/2018   Meet Fusion Antibodies at Spring 2018 events...more

10/04/2018   See the DWL Expo Schedule 2018...more

10/04/2018   BioIndustry Association/Informa Biotech Financing Update: solid start to 2018 VC financing...more

10/04/2018   Retirement's Revolving Door: YourEncore in the news...more

03/04/2018   J A Kemp announce appointment of Lucy Barnes to the role of partner...more

30/03/2018   Torreya's Capital Markets team advise pSivida on debt financing deal...more

28/03/2018   Prof Dorien Peters joins Mironid's SAB...more

28/03/2018   Mironid announces appointment of Dr Steve Felstead as Chief Medical Officer...more

27/03/2018   Bionow Announces Appointment of 4 New Directors...more

27/03/2018   XenoGesis and Sygnature Discovery hosted DMPK-DMDG meeting...more

27/03/2018   Abzena announces completion of Pennsylvania GMP manufacturing suite remodelling...more

26/03/2018   Horizon Discovery introduces whole human genome arrayed libraries...more

22/03/2018   Arcinova announces new collaboration with Sterling Pharma Solutions...more

21/03/2018   Horizon Discovery's cell line used as part of successful drug (IND) filing...more

19/03/2018   Embassy Freight advises of new regulations for imports to India...more

18/03/2018   XenoGesis launches new ‘Metabolism-inform’ service...more

16/03/2018   XenoGesis experiences continued growth...more

16/03/2018   Horizon Discovery and Genewell Biotechnology enter into China distribution partnership...more

15/03/2018   MGB Biopharma Receives £2.78m Grant For Phase IIa Clinical Trial...more

15/03/2018   Sareum notes Sierra Oncology SRA737 abstract accepted for AACR 2018 Meeting...more

15/03/2018   SYGNIS Expedeon announces Sales and Marketing team restructure...more

15/03/2018   Astex announces US FDA Breakthrough Therapy Designation for erdafitinib...more

14/03/2018   DWL Celebrates women in the sciences for International Women's Day...more

14/03/2018   Datatrial's Advanced Therapies Treatment Centres Bid Success...more

13/03/2018   Censo Biotechnologies' iPSC technology to assist PDi:HGG project...more

13/03/2018   Selcia collaborates with Cresset and Parkinson's UK to discover new drug candidates...more

13/03/2018   Arcinova celebrates two years in business with 60% growth...more

10/03/2018   Liftstream CEO is a 2018 Agent of Change tackling gender inequality...more

07/03/2018   J A Kemp Ranked in Top Tier by MIP 2018...more

07/03/2018   Medherant appoints new Head of Development...more

07/03/2018   Lucy J Robertshaw reports on 10th Stockholm Corporate Finance Life Science Seminar...more

05/03/2018   Innova Biosciences now a part of Expedeon...more

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