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04/01/2020    Meet Amphista at Biotech showcase 11-15th January...more

18/12/2020    Scendea: Post-Brexit Transition Period Changes...more

16/12/2020    Sygnature Discovery £3M investment to expand capabilities...more

16/12/2020    Worldwide Clinical Trials Apoints New VP,Oncology Scientific Solutions ...more

16/12/2020    Xenogesis reflects: 2020, a year to remember...more

16/12/2020    Arcinova's Head of Drug Substance featured in Chemistry Today ...more

14/12/2020    Sareum:Nature Article Highlights Role of TYK2 in Covid-19...more

10/12/2020    Sygnature Discovery asks What happened? A 2020 Recap! ...more

10/12/2020    Almac Group Raises £30k for Southern Area Hospice...more

10/12/2020    Almac Group Granted Sustainable Innovation Fund Award...more

09/12/2020    Meet Karma Oncology at BIO (Jan) and Biotechgate Digital Partnering (May)...more

08/12/2020    Isogenica Opens Pre-doc Program...more

03/12/2020    Sareum Awarded Grant Funding for Covid-19 therapy research...more

30/11/2020    Isogenica publishes whitepaper on VHH in T cell redirection...more

30/11/2020    Isogenica supports MRC iCASE PhD Award ...more

25/11/2020    Meet Scendea at 5 forthcoming events including Biotech Showcase...more

24/11/2020    Albumedix CEO Reflects on Bio Integrates 2020...more

20/11/2020    BIA launches report on rare disease medicines appraisal...more

19/11/2020    Worldwide Clinical Trials appoints new Senior VP, Oncology...more

19/11/2020    Clare Wallis Joins Worldwide Clinical Trials as Senior Vice President ...more

18/11/2020    Albumedix CEO contributes to PharmaVOICE 2021 Year in Preview ...more

18/11/2020    Covid-19 industry response provides major boost to Welsh economy...more

18/11/2020    Barrington James Medical Spotlight on Medical Affairs...more

17/11/2020    SEKISUI Diagnostics Announces Launch of the OSOM® Flu Test in Europe...more

17/11/2020    Almac Group awarded grant from COVID-19 Therapeutics Accelerator...more

16/11/2020    Silence Therapeutics Presents Positive Pre-Clinical Data for SLN360...more

15/11/2020    Arcinova appoints Kelly Rhys-Jones as Human Resources Director...more

13/11/2020 published in Forbes...more

12/11/2020    Sareum Issues Update on SRA737 Licensing Agreement...more

10/11/2020    Benefit from Bionow's Kickstart Scheme...more

08/11/2020    Cyclo Therapeutics Signs Agreement with Worldwide Clinical Trials ...more

04/11/2020    Precision Medicine nominated for Best CRO by OBN Awards...more

02/11/2020    Silence Therapeutics Appoints new Senior VP, Molecular Design...more

27/10/2020 published in The Times...more

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