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Established in 2007 and headquartered in Melbourne, SYNthesis med chem has grown to become one of the leading chemistry focused contract research organisations in the world. SYNthesis collaborates with organisations that require access to high quality compound synthesis and medicinal chemistry capabilities and expertise.

Custom synthesis projects include the synthesis of focused libraries, reference compounds, advanced intermediates (medium-large scale), final target compounds (small-medium scale) and hit expansion libraries. Our medicinal chemists have significant expertise in heterocyclic chemistry, peptide/cyclic-peptide & peptidomimetic chemistry (solution phase), nucleotide synthesis, natural products chemistry, SP3 carbon chemistry, asymmetric synthetic chemistry, metathesis, the resolution of enantiomers and chiral synthesis.

SYNthesis currently employs around 200 synthetic and medicinal chemists and in addition to our facilities in Australia, SYNthesis has labs/offices in Shanghai & Suzhou (China), San Francisco and at Alderley Park where our Global Business Development office is located.

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